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​Ideas and Tips Clever and original ideas help you organize an unparalleled reception that will satisfy you and impress your guests... Guestbook The guestbook is filled with the memories of those who shared with you the happiest day of your life and it can be turned into a treasure that will last forever. If you're interested in something other than the traditional, leather-bound book we have a few suggestions. Place a book at the entrance of the reception area and have someone take pictures of the guests as they arrive. Your guests will then be able to write a dedication next to their photo. You can also instruct the recipient to create an electronic guest book.


Your guests will be able to wish you well and make their comments while the videographer is filming them. Finally, you can place a silver tray and an engraving pen at the entrance so that your guests can engrave their name upon entering. Capture unique moments... Your wedding is the most beautiful moment of your life. Endless hours of preparation and stress are redeemed with the success of the "big moment". However, the details of this moment make the difference and give each wedding its own special tone. Among the original ideas that will make a difference to your wedding are engraving your monograms, names and wedding date on champagne glasses, bottles and cake serving sets. All these items will be precious mementos of the wedding, they will remain indelible over time and it is possible that they will become family heirlooms in the future. In many foreign countries it is customary to give champagne glasses engraved with the initials of the newlyweds and the date of their wedding, as gifts, to the guests or together with a buffet as favors. Capture your unique moments and keep them alive forever! Fall Wedding Fall is probably the best time of year to have a wedding. One of the reasons is nature, which simply offers a beautiful colorful backdrop. A second is that Autumn is the time of year that symbolizes prosperity and abundance.


So what's better than a couple starting their new life, now. Nature can become your source of inspiration, when choosing the color, and the general decoration of your wedding. Natural Fall colors such as reds, browns, deep greens, golden yellows, oranges and golds are wonderful choices. At the same time, it also offers plenty of patterns. Fallen leaves, grapes, berries, pumpkin blossoms, pumpkins, apples, and ears of corn are beautiful decorative ideas and can be used in a variety of ways. In the center of the reception tables you could place a composition of fruits and vegetables of the season, scatter on the tables of the guests or on the buffet tables golden yellow fallen leaves. In the reception area, you can place glasses with apple-shaped floating candles, hang lanterns made of pumpkins, on which you will have engraved designs, such as leaves, wedding rings, doves, a cake or the silhouette of a couple.


You can also decorate the base of large candles, with small yellow pumpkins and pumpkin flowers placed on tiles. Other decoration options are garlands made of fallen leaves and berries, cornstalks tied with threads or ribbons, wicker baskets decorated with grapes and pericots. Your invitations can also be decorated with themes inspired by the harvest season.Printed leaves, ears of corn, apples and more. Your bouquet could consist of wild flowers, dried herbs, berries, and fallen leaves. As for your wedding dress, prefer off-white and off-white colors. A harvest and fall themed wedding is an elegant and earthy way to celebrate the beginning of your new life, along with celebrating the abundance and prosperity that the season symbolizes.

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