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​There are so many ways to decorate your reception area...Flowers, balloons, candles, tulle. However, keep in mind not to overdo it. After all, the most modest and discreet decoration is also the most beautiful... Decoration of the reception area There are so many ways to decorate your reception area. Remember, however, that you should not escape from your budget! If you are having a themed wedding make sure the decor and floral arrangements match your theme. We give you some tips for decorating your reception area with flowers, balloons, candles, linens, photos and more. Flowers Flowers are always a beautiful way to add life and color to a space.

Place vases of flowers in the center of the tables. Use real flower petals to decorate the cake. Give each guest a rose upon their arrival at the reception area. Place water lilies in the pool. Throw rose petals on the tables... Candles Using candles decoration will create an incredibly romantic atmosphere. Place candles in the center of the tables. Place lanterns with candles scattered throughout the space. Place a glass of water and floating candles in the center of the tables... Balloons Balloons are not only suitable for children's parties. It is a great idea for decorating the reception area. You can create an archway to walk under as you enter the reception. If the reception is held in an open space, balloons can add color. You can tie them to the chairs or place them in bouquets in different parts of the room. You can also decorate the pool. Linen Fabrics Beautiful tablecloths, towels and chair covers can change the look of the reception area. If you combine the color of the fabric with that of your wedding theme, you will add the final touch to your reception. Photos

You can place photos of you and your partner in various parts of the space. You can also include photos from your parents' wedding. Tulle Tulle is a very light fabric that can add a touch of romance to the reception area. It can be used to decorate your reception in the following ways: wrapped around the back of each guest chair thrown over the tablecloths creating a beautiful effect Remember not to overdo it with the decoration. Usually the most modest and discreet decoration is also the most beautiful Balloons everywhere! Your WEDDING is coming up and you want it to be special and different from others. Create and use balloons for decoration. Balloons add a creative and unique touch and create a sense of luxury and sophistication that most couples can afford. Balloon decoration attracts the eye, highlights the colors, delimits the areas, and beautifies the space. Balloons create a festive atmosphere and can be used to decorate your wedding in a variety of ways.

Decorate the courtyard of the church with balloons creating a corridor, up to the door of the church, and also the car that will carry the bride. At your wedding reception, create a spectacular first impression by forming a balloon spiral arch at the entrance. For an impressive effect, create a tunnel of arches at the entrance. Choose balloons to decorate the wedding table. Create columns, an arch that will cover it from one side to the other, or decorate it with a free heart-shaped arch. Also decorate the wedding cake table and dance floor. decoration Imagine dancing under a canopy made of balloons - or surprise your guests with a shower of balloons during your first dance. You can also decorate the peripheral tables of the reception with a bouquet of balloons, combined with tulle, silk fabrics and other decorative elements.

The ideas and possibilities you have when choosing balloons for your wedding decoration are endless. Balloons will create a truly elegant and festive atmosphere for such an important and special occasion as your WEDDING. Fall and Winter Floral Arrangements Your decision to get married in Fall or Winter places no limitations on your choice of floral arrangements. After all, there are many couples who prefer to have their wedding in a colder season of the year and to use, as a theme, one of the motifs that the season offers. If your wedding will take place in the autumn, a suitable choice for the floral arrangements are berries framed by dark green, brown, orange and golden yellow

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