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​Catering will absorb almost 50 percent of your budget and therefore the choice of the company must be done very carefully. So, make sure that when you visit the professionals, to get informed, you have the opportunity to try the food they offer. If not on the same day at a later meeting. Don't forget to ask them the following questions and choosing the catering company will be a piece of cake. Ten questions to choose correctly 1. Does the catering company have a special license from the health department? 2.

Does the catering company specialize in certain types of food or services? (They should suggest different menus for you to choose from). Does it use fresh (not frozen) produce? 3. Can you arrange a trial of the specific foods you are interested in before the company hires? (Must be able to) 4. What is the company's price range? Is the charge based on the meals you choose, or is there a package price? What does the package include (fabrics, taxes, gratuities, etc...)? Does the company have printed price lists for the food? 5. How involved is the catering company in the reception -- it has the role of the orchestra coordinator, the one responsible for informing the couple about the time to cut the cake. He undertakes to adjust the time the dinner will start in case the guests are not ready to eat at the time originally calculated. 6. Will supply you with tables, chairs, plates, glasses, tablecloths, cutlery, etc. Ask to see them to make sure they fit your aesthetic. 7.

Who is responsible for coordinating things on your wedding day? It will be the same one with whom you have made all arrangements (this would be ideal). 8. Can the company also take over the drinks? If not or if you just prefer to source your drinks elsewhere will you be charged for serving the wine? If the company undertakes it, do you have the possibility to special order wine or are you obliged to choose from the existing list? 9. Can he show you photos of other wedding buffets? 10. Does the company also undertake the manufacture of the wedding cake? If you want, can you go to a pastry shop of your choice to get it? Please contact the Zappeion Palace Reception Hall for more information.

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