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​The arrival of the bride in the church is in itself an event that is eagerly awaited by all the guests. It is a very important symbolic moment that also sets the tone for the ceremony that will follow... Choice of means of transport: As we said the arrival of the bride in the church is an event in itself, so you must give it due importance. First of all, approach people in your close circle of friends and family and politely ask them if they can lend you the car of your dreams. Don't hesitate to ask, for example, a friend who is an antique collector to lend you his Rolls Royce, an uncle or your godfather to lend you his Mercedes or BMW or your best man to lend you his Jaguar or Ferrari.

You can also rent the car of your choice. There are many car rental companies that you can turn to. But we advise you to do it in time, especially if you are getting married between May and September. The choice of the vehicle that will transport you to the church should match the style of the wedding and your personal style. If you choose to get married in a luxury estate, use a luxury vehicle for transportation. If the style of your wedding is nostalgic you can be transported to the church by carriage. If you are crazy about machines, don't hesitate to arrive at the church on a Harley. The decoration of the car The decoration of the car is usually done by the florist who has taken over the rest of the decoration of your wedding. Because the flowers are delicate, the decoration is done just a few hours before the ceremony. Usually the decoration includes a large composition on the front hood of the car and a strip of flowers or a smaller composition on the back.

Who carries the bride?

Many times it is the father of the bride who drives the car. But it could very well be her brother or best man. Don't hesitate to bring your sister or a good friend with you on your way to the church to help you relax. Tradition requires the bride to be the last to arrive at the church and why not late (for a reasonable amount of time, of course). In this way, the anxiety of those present intensifies and the arrival is impressive!!!

Bride Waving Flowers in Limo
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