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A symbol of sweetness, happiness and prosperity, confetti are an essential addition to the wedding celebration, a memento that symbolizes purity and elegance Choosing Favors:

What woman hasn't gone on an endless run to get her marriage affairs in order? With the husband simply being an extra, most women are the ones who take care of everything so that even the smallest detail is perfect. One of them is the choice of the appropriate favors. After the bride and groom what most people pay attention to is the favor.

The commemorative gift offered to the guests of the sacrament. Party favors are of course not only for weddings, but also for christenings, anniversaries and even engagements. According to tradition, each favor should have at least five cups. These symbolize health, abundance, longevity, happiness and fertility. However, the number of the cups should be odd, which symbolizes the indivisibility of the couple. Traditions that have been around for many years and we respect them with reverence.

Apart from the number of the sweets in the favor box which is symbolic, their white color symbolizes the happy days that the couple is expected to live, the sweet taste the sweet life that awaits them and finally the almond symbolizes fertility. From Greece, but also from Italy, comes the tradition of the buffet bonbon that has now overwhelmed the world. It is the most characteristic and classic gift to honor our guests who honor us with their presence in the most important moments of our lives.

White, sugar and often pink are the colors of favors. Modern designs or classic with beautiful ribbons that tie the tulle make the favors a real ornament. Apart from the classic favors that we all know, there are many who choose boxes, or small jewelers for this job. A priceless memento from the happiest moment of your life, but also from those of your people.

As we said above, in addition to weddings, favors are also found at baptisms. There, the imagination of the parents... rages, since the audience they are addressing is bombers. Toys, dolls and even lollipops are the souvenirs for the little ones who enjoy them with all their heart.

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