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Flower decoration is an integral part of the ceremony. After all, the flowers are chosen based on the theme of the wedding, and because they are the bride's favorite. In any case, the decoration of the church occupies an important place in the list of preparations The symbolism of flowers: If you intend to cross the threshold of the church in the near future, keep in mind that the flowers you will hold in your hands mean much more than you think .

It is a fact that most flowers have some meaning or signify something specific that has been passed down to us from generation to generation. The theme of the importance of flowers began in the Victorian era. At that time it was inappropriate for a man to directly express his feelings to a woman.

This mission was undertaken by the cute little flowers, each of which carried a special meaning, widely known, of course. That way whenever a woman received a flower, she also "received" the message as if it were written on a piece of paper. Today, of course, no one speaks the "language of flowers", but on such an important day in your life, as your wedding day, it would be good to know the meaning of the flowers you have chosen or will choose.

Below we list the flowers most used for church / reception area decorations and bridal bouquets and reveal their meaning. Roses There is a reason why roses are the first choice of flowers for brides. The white rose symbolizes purity, beauty and charm, elements that every bride wants to project on her wedding day.

The girl who chooses red roses sends a message of passion and fiery love, while by using dark pink roses the couple expresses gratitude for the fact that they found each other. Tulips If you're getting married in the spring, there's no better way to express your love to your future husband than by holding a bouquet of tulips. They are not only beautiful, they express undying love. Daisies Daisies are a favorite flower of many people, but they are not commonly used in bridal bouquets.

It would be used more if brides-to-be knew that daisies symbolize the romantic and innocent spirit. Lily This lovely flower takes us back to the past when elegance and beauty were the norm. Associated with elegance and charm, the lily is the ideal choice if you want to create a sophisticated atmosphere at your wedding. This is the meaning of popular flowers. Depending on how they are used, they can add color and style to your wedding. If you want a fairytale wedding with fairies etc. use roses.

Many roses in different colors white, red, pink. For a more sophisticated wedding use lilies. You can keep just one stem if you want to look more simple or a whole bouquet for a more impressive effect. Also, be sure to use the same flower for decorating the church and the reception area. For a simpler wedding such as a beach wedding you can use daisies. your guests will feel very familiar, like at home. You can also use colored ribbons to match the rest of the wedding decor.

After all, there is no better flower than the tulip for a garden wedding. Choose soft colors to create a beautiful spring wedding, paired with white linen cloths. As you can see, the flowers you choose for your wedding can beautify the most beautiful day in your life and create the atmosphere and mood you desire.

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